Treasure Trackers


Our Treasure Trackers are an easy way to track medication dosages when your little treasures are unwell.

They are designed to keep track of medication dosages, the timing of those doses, and guidelines for administering common pain and fever relief medications.

There is also a section to record observations and key symptoms experienced by your little treasures during the day. This may be pertinent information that can assist in appropriately diagnosing, managing and preventing illnesses and ailments in babies and young children.

Our Treasure Trackers also contain important medical-related contact numbers you need to know which are easy to forget (especially in the event of an emergency!).

Our Treasures Trackers are reusable and come with a whiteboard marker and eraser. Simply take a photo of the Treasure Tracker for the day and erase!

Please note that the whiteboard marker is quite small and may present a choking risk. Please keep it away from babies and young children.

All information provided is general in nature. Please speak directly with your doctor for specific advice.

Dimensions: 22.5x32cm.