Who we are

Our Story

Welcome to Little Treasures First Aid. 

Our story began with a shared passion to educate parents and caregivers of young patients in basic first aid principles and in knowledge of common illnesses seen in babies and children. Our ultimate aim is to instil a sense of familiarity and calmness in carers when confronted with acute medical problems and in doing so, reduce unnecessary visits to hospital and optimise health outcomes even when things do unavoidably go wrong with little ones.

Over our many collective years working at some of the busiest intensive care units and emergency departments across Sydney, we quickly realised that the most effective way to achieve our aim was to deliver an education piece prior to the injury or illness that requires medical attention occurs.

The creation of Little Treasures First Aid is the embodiment of our vision where we have set out to deliver up to date, medical grade first aid education founded upon various hospital and resuscitation guidelines to parents and caregivers of young children.

Dr Dante Maestri (left) and Stacie Dillon (right)

Our Mission

There is a misconception in the community that first aid management skills are matters that should be left to health professionals only. This is simply not the case! All individuals – parents and caregivers in particular – should have sound foundational knowledge of first aid. After all, there is a chance you might need to put these skills into practice, especially while waiting for an ambulance to arrive or before a doctor is available. There is also compelling evidence that the treatment delivered within the first minutes of an injury or illness occurring has lasting effects for a person’s health going forward.

Working as a doctor and nurse, respectively, at some of the busiest trauma hospitals in Sydney, we have identified a unique opportunity to better educate parents and caregivers on basic first aid treatment skills and on management of common illnesses that occur in babies and children.

It has broken our hearts seeing patients over the years whose injuries and illnesses were entirely preventable or their impacts able to be safely mitigated if parents and caregivers possessed and put into practice these vital skills (or knew when to seek medical help earlier!).

With this context in mind, Little Treasures First Aid has been established with a simple two-fold mission: to empower parents and caregivers of young children to feel confident enough to initiate first aid in an emergency medical situation and to know how to identify symptoms of an illness requiring treatment either by a medical professional or a caregiver at home.

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